Recording of Oct. 8 Q&A with Ms Gruchacz
Thu, Oct 8 1:12pm

Dear all,

Today, Principal Gruchacz presented information about the hybrid learning model for grades 2-5, which begins Monday, Oct. 12th (Cohort A), and Thursday, October 15th (Cohort B). If you were unable to attend, here's a link to the Zoom presentation.

We realize that some of you have not received your schedules for next week, and we want to assure you that teachers are working around the clock to get this to you as soon as possible, particularly as the schedules are changing daily as the kinks are getting worked out. We want to again stress that if you have further questions, please email us at, ask your teacher, or email Dineen directly. 

There are some questions that did not get answered in the chat, and we will send these to Dineen for answering offline. If further questions come into the email address above, we will include them. 

We are working with Dineen to have some time for socialization and questions in the next few weeks with parents. Please stay tuned for more on this. 

All the best for next week! To all our remote and hybrid kids and families, we got this! Our school community may feel more stratified than ever, but we are in this together. We are here for everyone.

Georgette and Manishi