Registration for Spring After-School Clubs Begins Today at 8PM
Sun, Apr 25 5:53pm

Hello CP Families-


Registration for Spring Clubs begins today at 8pm and we are excited to be able to offer in-person clubs on Wednesdays (in addition to remote clubs throughout the week). 


The clubs will start during the week of May 3rd  and will run for 6 weeks (with the exception of Making Comics).  If you require transportation back to school for the in-person clubs, please let me know ASAP.  


The in-person clubs will require masks and social distancing, and in the event of bad weather, they will be cancelled and rescheduled.  They will also have 2 start times: 1:30pm and 3pm (see below and on the attached flyer for full list of all clubs).   Note that if school ever becomes in-person on Wednesdays, your student can bring a second snack and stay for a supervised snack period until the 1:30pm clubs begin (and we might move the start time of the club to 12:45pm so that there is less waiting time.)





Making Comic Books Club

Instructor: Sam Blanchard REMOTE CLUB

Start time: 3:30pm -first session is 5/18 and meets only for 5 sessions.

Gr. 2-5 $79

Learn the craft of making comics. The focus is on storytelling and developing a visual narrative. Graphic novels are incredibly popular, titles such as Dav Pilkey’s Captain Underpants and Dogman and the Hilda stories recently to Netflix show that great stories dont require exhaustive art instruction. Exercises include building plot and character and developing the story visually. (10 Max)






Dirt Diggers Garden Club

Instructor: Mr. Wagner, CPE Garden Educator


Start time: 1:30pm

Gr. 3-5  $95

Have you ever wanted to learn how grow your own vegetables, look at a Praying Mantis up close or identify different birds? If so, the garden is the place to 🐝.  We’ll plant different types of vegetables, herbs and flowers for the local food bank and explore and identify the critters that live within the garden.  You’ll also help keep the keep the turtle and frogs happy.  Gloves and tools provided.   (10 Max) 


Introduction to Fencing

Instructor: Sam Blanchard


Start Time: 1:30pm - first session is 5/12

Grades 3-5, $95

Learn the exciting sport of fencing, NOW with INTRINSIC SOCIAL DISTANCING. Six week introduction to foil fencing with Coach Blanchard focuses on developing basic skills for footwork and bladework with drills and games. Fencing is an exciting sport which focuses the mind and body and is a varsity sport at Princeton High School. (10 Max)




Creative Art Kids

Instructor: Sra. Alban


Start Time: 3:00pm

Gr. K-2, $95

In this club, students will enjoy making their own arts, open-ended exploration with recycled materials from cardboard animals, giant donuts, and fairy houses, each activity will be a creative invitation to shaping and preparing young minds to become the innovators of the future. We will listen to music and play traditional games such as hopscotch (la rayuela), spoon race (carrera de la cuchara), and hide and seek (a las escondidas).  We will be doing most of the activities outside.  ¡Get ready to have fun at Creative Art Kids Club! (10 Max)


Eco Art

Instructor: Sra. Webb


Start time:  3:00pm

Gr. 1-3, $95

Create art with materials inspired by nature or recyclables. Maybe some feathers, stones, shells, cardboard, or plastic containers and glass jars. Or perhaps nuts and bolts and cool fabric. Who knows! We will meet outside and play and create together. (10 Max)



Instrutor: Marie Stiglic


Start time:  3:00pm

Gr. 1-5, $95

This club will be a fun and informative way for younger children to learn yoga together. Children will learn yoga asanas and mindfulness games to help them de-stress and recharge. Students will be responsible for bringing their own yoga mat each class. Marie is certified in kids’ yoga and and is trained in meditation/mindfulness.  She is kind, fun-loving and greatly enjoys leading her CP clubs! (10 Max)




Science Seeds: Maker Adventure

Instructor: Science Seeds 


Start Time: 3:30pm

Gr. 1-3, $120

We are firm believers that the best way to learn about STEAM principles is by making cool things. In this course we will meander through the various Scientific Disciplines. We plan to explore Chemistry (through some Polymer bouncy balls and an investigation of chromatography), a day spent looking at Perception through the lens of illusions, some Basic Engineering through Cams, Gears and building a toy vehicle, Simple Circuits and more if time allows. So Join us for this journey and expect some fun learning, laughs, and the joy of building a project you can keep and play/experiment with long after our course has finished. (8 max)




Amazing Tales

Instructor:  Sam Blanchard


Start Time: 3:30pm  - first session is 5/13

Gr. 4-5, $95

Similar to Dungeons and Dragons,  Amazing Tales is an easier less restrictive version of a Roleplaying Game (RPG) with more focus on play and story telling. Players will create their own characters and start adventuring right away.  We will work through a quick adventure in our six weeks time. (10 max). All materials provided, rulebook via pdf


As with Fall and Winter, we will  be opening the  remote clubs to Riverside and Johnson Park.  Spaces are limited, so if you are interested, please make sure to register promptly.  Registration will take place at  Please check your account (or sign up for an account) and be “ready to register”. Please note, once you put a club into your cart, you have 25 minutes to check out. The club is reserved for you for 25 minutes and is released if you don’t check out within that time.  If you don't see Community Park Elementary School, type it into the search bar at the top of the screen and it will come up.  


To request a scholarship, please email the CP Parker Bear Fund at or call the CP main office at 609-806-4230 for more information.


 Note the different start dates for the following clubs: Fencing, (start date 5/12) Making Comics (start date 5/18) and Amazing Tales (start date 5/13)).


If you have any questions, please send me a message or email


Thanks and we look forward to another fun season of clubs!

Patty Kim