Salads & Desserts for the CP Staff "Welcome Back" Lunch
Wed, Sep 6 10:30am-10:45am
Community Park School APR
5 days before, 1 day before

Hello Everyone! 

Along with the hand written notes welcoming the CP staff back (please see other Konstella sign up sheet for hand written notes), the PTO is hosting a welcome back lunch. We are ordering sandwiches, and we need parents to donate salads and desserts. Please sign up here if you are able to drop off a salad or dessert between 10:30 & 10:45am on Wednesday, September 6th. If you can make or buy the item, but you can't make the drop off time, I'm happy to coordinate a pickup or you can drop off at the school early. Thank you very much for your consideration.

Krissi Farrimond for the CP PTO


Salad Signed Up: 6 / 6

Wed, Sep 6 10:30am-10:45am

Gluten free dessert Signed Up: 2 / 2

Wed, Sep 6 10:30am-10:45am

Dessert Signed Up: 6 / 6

Wed, Sep 6 10:30am-10:45am