SilverGraphics - Order Pickup - Remaining Items Delivered to Class on Monday!
Fri, Dec 9 4:14pm

If you were unable to pick up after school today, your items will be delivered to the classroom and to your child on Monday. Please be sure to check your child's bookbag Monday afternoon! Thanks!



Thanks for supporting CP through your SilverGraphics purchases! Thanks again to Mrs. Shea and our students for creating beautiful art!


If you selected 'ship to home': You will receive an email confirmation once items have been shipped to your home. Expect delivery within 3 weeks of your ordering date. Many have already been shipped!


If you selected 'ship to school': Your items were delivered to CP today, 12/9th! Some items are fragile. Therefore, please plan to pick up your items at the pickup table today from 2:30-3:30. We will either be near the front door or near the outer door to room 108 (near the nurse's office door).


If you'd like to place future orders: Orders may still be placed from now until the end of the school year and will still earn money for CP.  In fact, you can even use artwork from prior years by choosing the archived artwork option via the website. Future orders will require home delivery.

Go to and enter CP's access code: ParkArt22



Questions? Contact Tyneshia at