THANK YOU from Mrs. Almodovar
Wed, Oct 4 7:29am
Community Park School

A picture says 1,00 words. Words can't begin to describe the feeling I got when I saw all of the things that our AMAZING parents and staff had donated. This was two days worth of collecting, and our community really came through.

I cried when the hurricane hit Puerto Rico. My father was one of 10 siblings. All of his siblings still live on the island. I have 29 cousins and 22 out of the 29 still live on the island. I didn't know anything about any of them for days. I didn't know if they were alive or dead. After a few days, I heard from two cousins. They couldn't get in contact with their siblings because their siblings live in different parts of the island. It was heartbreaking. Finally word started coming through about my family members. They all had severe damage to their homes, but they were all safe. 

I want to give a warm, heartfelt thank you to Lindsay Casto for helping me get the word out to parents, donating her time to load every item in my car and Ale Clemens' car, donating boxes, and just supporting me with this. I didn't think that two days worth of collections would look like the above photo. Thank you to Alessandra Clemens, the 3rd grade DLI aide, who loaded her van to the brim, followed me through the route 1 rush-hour traffic, and helped me load and unload boxes of items from school to the church, and Abril Retana, our Spanish AIS teacher, who donated her time to help carry boxes out to the cars. I'd also like to thank our wonderful CP staff. There wasn't one day where one of my colleagues didn't ask about my family. They came through with their donations. I'd like to thank Ted Holsten, the ESL teacher at Littlebrook. He also got the word out, donated items and brought those items to CP yesterday. And lastly, I'd like to thank our PHENOMENAL parents. Without you, the parents, none of this would've been possible. Thank you to the PTO co-presidents, Mrs. Farrimond and Mr. Ross, for communicating with the parents through Konstella. 

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Your generosity, compassion, and thoughtfulness made this a great success!

Have an Amazing rest of the week.


Mrs. Almodóvar