Troubleshooting Power School Learning
Sun, Mar 15 10:52am

PPS has asked that parents of 3rd-5th graders create a Power School Learning account to use during the period of remote learning. NOTE: This is different than a Power School account and requires separate registration. 

To sign in to Power School Learning  for the first time - please see these step-by-step directions:


1. Log in to Power School ( via the Parent Sign in tab. 

Note: If you have not setup your Power School Parent Portal account - or need your access ID and password - you can call the CP Main office for this info 609-806-4230.  Once you set up the Power School account for the FIRST TIME - you will need to wait for the system to refresh overnight before being able to move to the next step.

2. Then click on the Power School Learning link on the left menu.

3. If you have not previously used Power School Learning, you will need to register your account by logging in to the Parents and Community Members section. 

Username = (same username as Power School)

Password = changeme (for the first time you log in)

If you forgot your username or password - call the CP Main Office to reset the password.


4. To view your student's classes, including Specials, click on the "My Classes" link. This is where your child's assignments will appear.

If you continue to have trouble logging on to Power School Learning, please see the district's Parent Technology Resources page, which also contains links to Technology Department staff contacts.