UPDATED! When do the Fall After-School clubs end? Edited to include Magnets and Stem Make-up on 11/15, and Little Scientists on 11/26
Thu, Nov 14 10:30am

Fall After-School Clubs are coming to an end - please read below to know when your clubs are finished:


Tuesday clubs end on 11/19, with the exception of Running club, Fencing club (11/19 session is cancelled)  and Little Scientists that have make-ups on 11/26


Wednesday clubs end today, 11/13, with the exception of Chess which has a make-up date of 11/20.


Thursday clubs end tomorrow, 11/14,  with the exception of Aguilar's Playspace and Kahoot, which have make-ups on 11/21. 


Friday clubs ended last week, with the exception of Magnets and Stem which has a make-up on 11/15.