Update on STEAM and FOCUS presentations from Discussion at CP on 10/18
Fri, Oct 18 4:00pm

Hi all -  This morning, CP parents learned more about the district's new enrichment program FOCUS (Fostering Our Children's Unique Strengths) from Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Annie Kosek and PPS Social Studies Supervisor Timothy Charleston.  This event was sponsored by the PTO.  


Here is a video  taken at the presentation for those who missed it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdqTxKQ_EB8&feature=youtu.be


Here is a related presentation on STEAM that CP Enrichment Teacher Mr. Ullman gave on Back To School Night:



The district will also be posting more information on their website and parents will be receiving more information from CP (including responses to the questions submitted on the notecards at today's meeting) in the next few weeks.