Virtual Spirit Week! Next week!
Wed, Mar 25 11:44am
Good morning CP Families! We hope this finds you all healthy! We wanted to come together to show our unity and spread some cheer by participating in a week long Virtual Spirit Week! If your child would like to participate, please send their picture all dressed up to myself or their homeroom teacher. Once we collect the pictures, we would like to create a slideshow in the hopes of spreading some much needed joy and positivity!
Monday 3/30- Hats off to CP! (Wear your fav. hat)
Tuesday 3/31- Snuggle, Snuggle (Wear your Fav. PJs!)
Wednesday 4/1- Get Movin'! (Send us a picture of you doing something active!)
Thursday 4/2- Reading Day, Hooray! (take a picture of you reading or your fav. book)
Friday 4/3- Go Blue and White! (Wear your CP T-shirt)
Another way to spread some cheer is to have your kids draw or color a rainbow picture and place it in your front window.  This way when the kids go for a walk or bike ride around the neighborhood, they can keep an eye out for the rainbows and see how many they can find. This also reminds them that their friends are still close by and going through the same thing they are.  
Thank you!

Elizabeth Cameron

School Counselor

Community Park Elementary