Volunteers still needed for the following clubs -Receive a free spot in ANY club!
Thu, Dec 5 12:15pm

We are still looking for volunteers for the Winter clubs listed below.  As a volunteer, you will get a free spot for your student in ANY club of their choice and you can enroll before the general registration if you let us know before Monday 12/9.  We also need a building volunteer.


Please note, you don't need any expertise to be a volunteer, just take your cues from the Instructor.  Responsibilities include arriving at 2:50pm on the scheduled day of the club and staying until the club ends (usually around 4pm or 4:15pm), assisting with dismissal if needed.  The clubs run for 6 sessions.  If you are interested, please message me or send an email to Tina Ivanov at tina.ivanov@icloud.com, indicating which club you would like to volunteer for.  


Below is the list of clubs that still need a volunteer  (along with the grade level for each club).   We hope you'll consider volunteering  - it makes a big difference.



Sports Club (gr. 3-5) - Instructor: Mr. Chorba



Crochet Club (gr. 3-5) - Instructor: Marie Stiglic

Making Comics (gr. 3-5)  - Instructor:  Sam Blanchard (CP Parent)

Paper Creations (gr. 1-5) (3:15-4:15) - Instructor:  Sra. Clemens



Musical Mashups—Greatest Showman (gr. 3-5)-  Instructor: Monica Kapoor (CP Parent)

Little Scientists—Adventurers (gr. K-1) - Instructor:  The Brain Train

Welcome to the Neighborhood (gr. K-5)(3:15-4:15) - Instructor:  Sra. Alban

Building Volunteer



Bookworms—All Around the World (gr. K-2) - Instructor:  The Brain Train

Crazy Cards for Kids - (gr. 3-5) Instructor: Jen Heuson (CP Parent)

Building Volunteer