Waitlists and Remaining Open Clubs
Tue, Dec 10 9:31am

Many of the Winter clubs are full, some instantly, due to the fact that so many signed on at exactly 8pm.  If you haven't yet received an e-mail inviting your student to the club that you are waitlisted for, we do not anticipate spots opening up at this point.  We have the remaining clubs available listed below if you are still interested in a Winter Club, and if you are invited off the wait-list for your top choice club, you can swap if you signed up for something else.  Enrollment closes on Friday, 12/13 at 3pm.



Clay Club (gr. 4-5) -Mrs. Sawers

Percy Jackson vs. Harry Potter Trivia (gr. 3-5) 3:15-4:15 - Sra. Herrara -Stacy

Yoga (gr. 3-5) - Marie Stiglic



Crochet Club (gr. 3-5) - Marie Stiglic

Mad Scientists (gr. 3-5) - Sra. Herrera

Making Comics (gr. 3-5) - CP Parent Mr. Blanchard

Math Path - Math Magic (gr. K-1) - The Brain Train

Painting on Canvas (gr. 3-5) - Sra. Almodovar



Little Scientists -Adventurers (gr. K-1) - The Brain Train

Sewing Club (gr. 3-5) - CP Parent - Ms. Buitendijk

Sra. Aguilar's Playspace (K-2) - Sra. Aguilar

Yoga (gr. K-2) - Marie Stiglic



Bookworms - All around the world (gr. K-2) - The Brain Train

Crazy Cards for Kids (gr. 3-5) - CP Parent - Ms. Heuson

Extreme Circuits (gr. 3-5) - Sra. Herrera

You Are What You Eat (gr. K-5) - Marie Stiglic

Around the World:  Postcard & Stamp-Making Club (K-2) - Ms. Waters

Kahoot on Fridays (gr. 3-5) 3:15-4:15 - Sra. Clemens

Little Muscle Builders (K-1) - Sra. Alban