Winter Clubs Enrollment still open!
Thu, Jan 6 11:54am



There are still some great clubs open for Winter - some with just a few openings left.  If you are interested, please sign up on  Thanks!






Debate Club (Virtual)

Instructor:  PHS Debate Team



The CP debate club is an introduction to debate, including public speaking, researching, and creating arguments. We'll have fun with casual practice debates and speeches. No prior experience is necessary!  Led by Maya Lerman and other members of the Princeton High School debate team.  NOTE:  THIS CLUB IS VIRTUAL ON ZOOM from 5PM-6PM.





Clay Creations

Instructor: Ms. Shea




Students will engage in a variety of clay building techniques to create one-of-a-kind sculptures and vessels. We will be using red and white air-dry clay. 





Bead Creations

Instructor: Katie Nash





Explore your imagination by using Perler (iron) beads. You will be able to express your creativity by making your own masterpieces. Use a pegboard template to create flowers, animals, seasoned designs and more, or let your imagination shine and create a unique design on your own. Each week you will have the opportunity to create a new design, watch the beads fuse together, and bring home a new keepsake!  





Directed Drawing

Instructor:  Katie Nash



Are you ready to show your creativity through drawing? Each week we will complete a different directed drawing together. Students will be provided step by step instructions to complete a picture. After we have drawn our pictures, we will add color and creativity! We will use different mediums each week. Please note: the directed drawings that will be completed this session are different than those in the previous sessions. New and returning artists are welcome!


Puppet Making

Instructor: Sra. Webb



We will make different styles of puppets and on the last meeting we can use them to perform a story. Some examples are, hand puppets, finger puppets, sock puppets, and cardboard puppets. We can also make our own stage for the beautiful puppets. Lots of imagination is required!






Creative Thinkers

Instructor:  Sra. Alban



I will love to  provide your children with opportunities to make art with different type of materials, Young children are literally brimming with ideas all the time. 

Easel and finger painting while listening to classical music; drawing; making prints; cardboard creations, these are just a few of the art activities that promote creativity and are already staples of many early childhood classrooms

Let's make together something special and unique!!