We are calling on parents in STEM related fields to help us put together another amazing day of learning and inspiration for our Community Park students during the 2020 CP STEM Expo.

The CP STEM Expo is designed to provide students Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math experiences that will take their everyday learning to the next level. Sponsored by the CP PTO, this parent-led event takes place during the entire school day. Volunteers present topics, demonstrations, or lead hands-on activities that last for about 15 minutes at a time as classes cycle through. The kids have a blast and especially are excited when their parents present!

Recent demonstrations included liquid nitrogen, fruit flies, DNA, neuroscience, speech recognition, artificial intelligence, wind, neurosurgery, stress, axolotls, sound, venus fly traps, animal self-recognition, video compression, statistics, hydrophobic interactions, textiles, plasma, and elementary particles.

We are hoping you will volunteer and bring forth amazing ideas for this year's CP STEM Expo. If you presented in previous years, building on your prior presentation to take students in a new direction or deeper into the topic is great for continuity.

Please email Jesse Lerman (jesselerman@hotmail.com) with your interest and the topic for your proposed presentation, or with any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Jesse & Teena Lerman
2020 CP STEM Expo and Science Fair Co-Chairs

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