Garden Club

There were a lot of interesting ideas tossed around at the PTA yesterday afternoon.  I thought I'd start a conversation about what we want to see happen at Cottage with the garden club.

Jaime seems to have a handle on a design & location for planter beds.  One question would be, can we get any of them built free thru Rotary or an Eagle Scout project.  Or something like a Home Depot grant.  
Soil Born Farms was mentioned again.  We are looking at planter boxes for now, but a community garden some day down the road maybe?

Thoughts or ideas, let's hear what you are thinking about?

Does anyone want to take a lead on this project?  

Mary I know has connections with gardening, etc.  

Maybe a committee meeting needs to be scheduled.

This just a beginning, let's hear from you.

Thanks, Julie Archer (gardening fan)



Positions (1/1 filled)

Committee Chair Signed Up: 1 / 1