Donations needed for Trivia Night
Sun, Feb 11 4:32pm
Crestwood Elementary

Dear Parents, 

As you might have heard, Trivia Night is fast approaching and will be held on March 10 at Sunset Hills Community Center.  PTO is looking for donations of goods, alcohol, or gift cards for silent auctions and raffles.   If you own a small business or have connections that can help support our school, please let us know! 

New this year,  we are looking for people willing to host Sign-up Parties.  Hosting a Sign-up party is a great way to donate to the event and have a great time in the process!  You might be asking yourself, what is a Sign-up Party?  Parents or group of parents, come up with a party idea (adult or kid) to donate and host as a fundraiser.   People sign-up at Trivia Night and make a donation to the school in order to attend.  The cost to participate varies based on the event and the target audience.  100% of the funds raised go to the school.  For example, you have a swimming pool and are willing to host an End of Year Swim Party for 10 Kids.  You would supply the food & drinks and host the party and each child would pay $10 to attend the party.  That’s  $100 for PTO! 


Here are a few examples of Sign-up Parties:

  • Movie & Pizza Night for 5 kids
  • End-of-Year Swim Party
  • Poker Night for Guys or Gals
  • Outdoor Movie Night in your Backyard (kids or adults)
  • Jewelry Making Party
  • Beer or Wine Tasting Night
  • Progressive dinner

So grab some friends and come up with a fun night, while at the same time, supporting Crestwood and our kids.  The options are endless.  If you have any questions or have an idea in mind, please contact 


Here are a few things to keep in mind:

·  The examples listed above are only ideas.  We welcome any ideas for Sign-up Parties that are not listed above.

·  Consider your hobby, skills and occupation.  For example, if you are a hairdresser, maybe you could host a few tweens after-hours in your salon for a hair style lesson.

·  Feel free to indicate any pre-requisites, limitations or blackout dates.  For example, if you are willing to donate a Movie & Pizza night but are only available on two Saturdays in March, let us know.  You can indicate the date that you would like to host the party.

·  If you want to limit your party to certain grade levels and number of kids, that’s fine too.  Maybe you would like to host an End-of-Year Swim Party for 2nd Graders.

·  Costs associated with Sign-up Parties are tax deductible, based on what you have contributed.

·  If you have the space but need help with the planning, let PTO know and we can pair you up with someone who might not have the space but is willing to donate other items.

·  You can host parties all year long, even in the summer.

·  Get together with your fellow Crestwood Elementary neighbors and friends to co-host parties.  If you live in a neighborhood with other Crestwood parents, then recruit other parents to co-host.