Halloween Class Parties
Fri, Oct 5 5:15pm
Crestwood Elementary


Halloween Class Parties are Wednesday, 10/31 at 2:00pm.  

Don't forget to plan ahead!  Check with your child's teacher to sign up to be a Room Party Coordinator or Helper. 

The PTO A Guide To Room Parties At Crestwood  is attached to this announcement and can help with planning a successful party. 


Please remember to follow the rules of our district food policy!

~ No homemade snacks.  Food items need to be store bought.

~Only 2 snacks per party (1 drink & 2 food items).

~Snacks need to be approved by the teacher and Nurse Eva.  

~ No food/candy can be sent home with students, including treat bags.

~For suggestions on safe foods, visit snacksafely.com

 Thank you in advance for keeping our students safe!