Staff Appreciation Week Parade
Fri, Apr 17 12:15pm

Good afternoon, 

We hope you and your family are healthy and well.  

Staff Appreciation week is May 4-8 and we would like to pay tribute to our teachers and staff that have worked hard and supported our children all year long.  While we cannot celebrate them in person, we still want to recognize them and show our appreciation.


We are planning to have a parade in front of the school on Wednesday, April 29th at 6:00 PM.  It will be very short but it will be so meaningful for our teachers and staff to see our community together again this year.   We will be meeting at St. Elizabeth's Church (1420 Sappington Rd.) Everyone MUST stay in their cars the entire time.  There will be a lead car that will lead us out of the parking lot, turn right onto Sappington, and pull into the front drive of Crestwood and back out onto Sappington, where you can either go left or right to go back home or wherever.  We will have someone that will video the parade just in front of the school.  Please honk, wave, and let those little faces be seen as you pass the camera.  You are welcome to have the kids make signs to put on the car or hold up, etc.   The camera will be on the passenger side of the car.   **Everyone MUST stay in their own cars the entire time.**


If you cannot make the parade or want to help make this extra special, we would love for you to send us a photo of your child holding up their sign OR a video of them talking about our teachers and staff, why they appreciate them, etc., something that we can add to the video of the parade.  (Please send to by 4/30).  We also invite you to forward those pictures and videos to your child's teachers/specials teachers the week of May 4-8.  We would love to flood their inboxes with kind messages that week.


We hope you will join us on 4/29!

Thank you and stay safe,

Crestwood PTO