3rd Annual Stallion Stampede
Fri, Oct 9 9:00am-12:30pm
Curtner Elementary
1 day before

Last Year most popular event is back and it is back a month early.

What is the Stallion Stampede? It’s a modern twist to the traditional jog-a-thon. Students are encouraged to collect money in their sponsorship envelope while promoting the importance of fitness. Curtner does not promote going door-to-door for donations. Please only approach family and friends for donations & sponsors. Turn in collection envelopes (with money or without) to your classroom teacher no later than Wednesday, October 7th. Even if you cannot collect donations, your child will still participate in the Stampede. On the day of the Stallion Stampede, each class is given 20 minutes to “trot” as many laps around the field as possible.  Prizes are awarded for certain participation and achievement.

Why are we doing the Stallion Stampede? In response to a previous PTA survey, parents want the PTA to focus on community-building fundraising efforts. This year’s Stallion Stampede is our third annual event and will be our primary fundraiser - with hopes to permanently eliminate other fundraisers, such as cookie dough and catalog sales.  It is also our intent that a community event, such as the Stallion Stampede creates an opportunity to foster and strengthen relationships among our students, parents, faculty, staff, and volunteers, while raising the funds we need to operate our ever-growing school and programs.

What will the day look like? We invite all parents to come watch your children run in the stampede and cheer them on. All students will run in the stampede. Please make sure they wear comfortable shoes and are well-hydrated. Please send your child to school with their own water bottle (refillable bottles are preferred, as they leave no waste. Please make sure the bottle is properly labeled with your child’s name and room number!)


PTA Team.