Friends of Santa Cruz City Schools - Measures T & U
Thu, Feb 20 11:12am

A Letter from Tim Madsen 

Champion for Friends of Santa Cruz City Schools

Dear Parents of DeLaveaga Elementary,


Thank you for your group’s support of Friends of Santa Cruz City Schools and the campaign to support Measures T & U.  As you’re aware, these Measures will allow for continued funding of critical programs in our schools.  Our schools would offer a dramatically different environment to students should these Measures not be passed.


We have a tall hurdle to jump in order to get these Measures passed with the required 66.7% majority. There is a misperception that these are new additional taxes rather than renewal of existing Measures that are sunsetting (found on the Friends of Santa Cruz City Schools fact sheet). And there’s the opportunity for voters to confuse these local school Measures with other school Measures such as Measure R for Cabrillo College.


There are 78K possible voters that we want to reach.  About 71% of them are Vote-by-Mail, which means they can vote at any time so the time pressure is great.  Also, only 8% of voters have a direct connection to schools thru students and are aware of the value these funds provide.  We have a lot to do to achieve success and parent groups play a key role in achieving that success.


Thank you for the help that you’ve already provided.  Your group’s financial contributions have paid for mailers, yard signs and phone banking costs- all effective ways to reach voters.


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But we need more if we are going to win this campaign.  We need parents, a lot of parents, to show up and help with phone banking (click phone banking to sign-up).  We are asking each group to adopt one night a week that the group promotes and commits to working the phone banks with other parents.  Phone banking is easy and we have trainers available to walk everyone through the process.  We also offer texting and handwritten postcards as means of reaching voters.  Our campaign office is located at 1364 Pacific Avenue and phone banking is scheduled 5:30 to 8:30.


We still have some yard signs available to post in high profile locations.  Let me know if you need signs.


The other key means of reaching voters is face-to-face discussion.   Talk to people you know, and even those you don’t know, about why these measures are important to the community.  We will also be walking precincts to reach out to voters.  More information about precinct walking is to come.


Thank you,

Tim Madsen

Friends of Santa Cruz City Schools
Mobile:  831-214-7384