Library News
Wed, Mar 3 1:03pm

The following news was inadvertently omitted from the English version of the Dragon Newsletter that was sent out on Monday:


Hello! First of all I'd like to begin by sharing my gratitude to those of you who donated to the Bookshop Santa Cruz Holiday Book Drive. Last week I received picture and chapter books as well as graphic novels from them. It was a diverse, exciting collection to receive from the community. Thank you for your continued support of our library.
I'm very happy to share with you that we will be holding a virtual book fair which will benefit our school library. The Virtual Book Fair will be open starting on March 6th and will end on March 19th. I will be visiting some classrooms to teach them how to visit the fair online. 25% of our profits will go directly to our school library. This is usually our sole fundraiser for the year,  and while I know it is not as fun as doing things live, I hope you will still participate. There will even be a way for you to donate directly to teachers by fulfilling their wish list and donating to our Lucky Dragon Raffle which allows lucky winners to purchase books as well.
We are glad many of you are still requesting books to be checked out and would love it if more of you do so. This month we will end our California Young Reader nominated books unit. The last week of March, students throughout California will be voting for their favorite titles with the hopes that they will win the award. If your child has been doing my library lessons every week, they will not have a problem voting for them. If they have missed any lessons, I suggest you go to my library website, use the menu on the left side of the page, look for the California Young Reader Medal and click on the grade level you want to explore. Then please select any titles which you have not heard so that your child can vote for the winning book.
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