Love from 3,484 miles away!
Mon, Oct 5 9:32am

Hello Dragons,

Our Drive For Schools is going strong.  This week please send an email to friends and family encouraging them to support our school and win $25,000.

So far we have had tickets purchased from Haverhill, Massachusetts (that's 3,484 miles from Delavaga!), Arizona, Nebraska, Connecticut, South Carolina, and Oregon.  Let's add your far flung friends and family to the list.  Below is an email you can copy and send or make up your own.  Please remember that every dollar stays with Delaveaga to support our school and teachers.  If you haven't checked it out: 

Thank you so much Dragon Families!

Mary Lieby

Dear Friends and Family,

Our school is participating in Drive For Schools.  You can enter to win 25,000!  Tickets are $5 each or 6 tickets for $25.  Just head over to  to purchase.  All the proceeds from ticket sales stays with Delaveaga and is used to support teachers, music, art, movement, and much more.

Thank you so much and please put _______________ as the teacher so my child's classroom gets credit.