Parent Teacher Club (PTC) Meeting on Tuesday 4/13 @ 6:30pm - hear from Principal Greenlee about full time reopening and help us plan for the 2021/22 school year
Fri, Apr 9 3:33pm

Please join us for the Parent Teacher Club (PTC) meeting on Tuesday, April 13 at 6:30pm!

Principal Greenlee will share the latest information on our full time reopening, plus we will be planning for the 2021-2022 school year. See attached agenda.
All PTC positions are open for 2021/22! We are actively looking for a new board for the next school year. Nominations will take place at the meeting on Tuesday, April 13 at 6:30pm and elections will take place at the meeting on Tuesday, May 11. Please email any of the current board members listed below as soon as possible with your interest or for more information. Newcomers are welcome and encouraged! Consider teaming up with a friend. We need cooperative, creative, dedicated and energetic individuals to make the 2021/22 school year a success!

President, Rebecca Contín,

Co-Vice-President, Laina Jacobs,

Co-Vice-President, Laura Jones, 

Treasurer, Leigh Poitinger:

Secretary, Jen Powers:

Communications Chair, Joe Babik: