Fri, Nov 16 9:52am

Dear Delaveaga Community,


As we head into the season of giving thanks,  the PTC Board would like to take a second to acknowledge the community that we are so thankful for. 


First, we'd like to thank the last two businesses that hosted Community Nights and are both owned and operated by Delaveaga families. 


From Taqueria Agave we earned $600 and from Childish Santa Cruz we earned $400.

We are so grateful for their generosity, so please thank Elena, Gerardo, Dyane & Jessica when you seen them at school.


We would of course like to thank all the families that have ventured out of the comfort of their homes to dine out and shop in support of Delaveaga and of course these businesses.  Every dollar spent and earned translates into success for our school and your children.  Every time you invest in Delaveaga, by participating in a fundraiser or volunteering your time, you increase the value of your children's education and their elementary school experience.


If you're curious what all the money earned is spent on, click HERE to learn about the PTC. If you'd like additional information, feel free to email or board member or attend our monthly meetings.


Finally, we'd like to thank our incredible staff at Delaveaga that go above and beyond  their duties on a daily basis.  Close to half of the teachers and staff have children and grandchildren who attend Delaveaga and want to see to see our school thrive as much as you do. 


We are so grateful for this community and we hope you all enjoy this Thanksgiving break with your loved ones. 


Shiri Gradek

PTC President