What is Drive For Schools?
Thu, Sep 23 3:12pm

Hello Dragon Families,

My name is Mary Lieby and I run Drive for Schools (DFS).  You can contact me easily via email mary@thenook.us

Drive for Schools is a great, easy, rewarding fundraiser for Delaveaga.

Your child came home today with an envelope holding 2 booklets of tickets, tickets are $5 or the booklet of 6 for $25.

These are easy to sell to your family and friends.  If you need more tickets they have them in the office, I will be on the lawn after school on Oct 6, or drop me an email and I'll get them to your child's teacher.

The grand prize is $25,000!  The prizes and printing are generously donated by the Seaside Company and other local businesses.  This means that 100% of ticket sale money stays with Delaveaga.

The class (k-2, 3-5) that sells the most tickets wins a pizza party and each kid who turns in their envelope with both ticket booklets sold gets a certificate for free popcorn at the Friday after school popcorn cart.

If you do not want to participate, please send the envelope back with the unsold tickets.  

Thank you,

Mary Lieby