And the winners are...
Wed, Sep 22 8:15am

It is everyone! By having a fully funded STEAM+ program all of our kids win. And we are close to getting there. We had 36% of our families donate during the fall campaign and we raised just over $45,000. We are 43% to our goal of $104,000 for the year. THIS IS AMAZING! You can still donate to DMSEF in support of our STEAM+ program. Click HERE to donate. To those who came last night to the Principals coffee thank you! Mrs Sleet had some great videos of the students engaged during the STEAM+ classes. I wish I was back in elementary. 


Drum roll please. The three classes who will receive new recess equipment for raising the highest dollar amount for STEAM+ are, Stingle, Pratt and Loza. I am working with Coach G to figure out what would be most beneficial for each class.  


Thank you again for your support. Out of the eight schools, we had the second highest participation and the second highest percentage to our goal. You ROCK and I love being able to brag about you.


Becky Ferdman

DMSEF Director and Hills Parent