Are You Prepared to have “The Talk” with your SurfRider? Get Expert Advice Next Tues 4/18 (🐦&🐝)
Tue, Apr 11 12:17pm

Are you ready to have “The Talk” with your SurfRider about puberty and reproduction?  How do you respond when they ask those tricky questions?   What are they hearing from friends, siblings or *yikes* the internet about these things?

Get informed and prepared with expert, age-appropriate tools on how to best have these important conversations with your SurfRider at the next Hills PTA General Association meeting Tues, 4/18 at 8:00am in the Hills Library/Innovation Center.  

The discussion will be lead by Dr. Christopher Miller, PhD, a local clinical psychologist specializing in educating families on how to have heathy and open chats with your kids about puberty.

The PTA will briefly conduct business, then turn the floor to Dr. Miller.  Coffee and breakfast snacks will be available, we hope to see you.