Catch The Wave Reason #1: It’s All About That Base! Community Base, That Is
Fri, Sep 1 8:20am

When your family Catches The Wave and donates to the PTA, you’re making community magic happen. 

Your gift supports students in class, on the field, in the arts- wherever they thrive. 

Your gift supports teachers and staff with supplies and small touches that make The Hills a great place to work.

Your gift supports a PTA striving to be an example of community-building through shared events and charitable drives, by supporting local businesses whenever we can, and by supplying programs like the new SurfRider Families that bring kids together from across the school.

Catching The Wave and donating to the Hills PTA benefits your family, your school and your community.  That’s why your contribution is a gift.

Thank-you for Catching the Wave for 2023-2024, it’s going to be a great year for The Hills Community.