Catch The Wave Reason #3 The Coolest Prizes!
Wed, Aug 30 8:00am

Ok we’re a little biased, but The Hills PTA thinks this year’s Catch The Wave incentive prizes are way cool!  Unique trucker hats, pint glasses, hand-woven blankets, and more?  What?! 

And the best part?   Because your PTA is all about building community, we include local businesses and artists in every Catch The Wave incentive gift.  Like hats from Grom Squad, blankets from West Path and dinner at Jake’s Del Mar for our Big Kahuna donors.  Even the logo art for this year’s sticker, pint and cooler was designed by a Hills parent- talk about local!

So go ahead, Catch The Wave, then cozy-up in your blanket or sip from your custom pint glass and feel great knowing your dollars supported your school and your community.  Thank-you!