Catch the Wave Reason #4: Ice Cream Social Was Just The Start!
Tue, Aug 29 7:40am

Reason #4 to Catch the Wave and donate to the PTA:  The Ice Cream Social was just the start!

All school year your PTA hosts big family events like last Friday’s Ice Cream Social.  But when you give to the PTA, your donation dollars are also hard at work in the classroom and behind the scenes.

PTA donations support online and print classroom subscriptions like Raz Kids and Scholastic News.   Your dollars stock an incredible Maker Space and finance student healthy choice programs like Red Ribbon Week and SurfRider Self-Care Week.  When you give, PTA can support teachers with extra supplies.  And all the books and prizes for the reading incentive programs?  Yep, your PTA donations are there, too.  Thanks to your support, the list goes on and on, all school year.

Ice Cream and DJ’s are a great and fun way to bring the community together, but your donation dollars do so much more than dance.  So please Catch The Wave and give today.   Thanks!