Del Mar Hills Volunteers Needed - Yes on MM Canvasing
Thu, Oct 4 9:00am-10:00am
Meeting place: 13726 Pine Needles Drive (Craig Residence)

Del Mar Hills Academy volunteers are needed to help canvas our neighborhood and share more information about the Yes on MM campaign.  Please come and join other parent volunteers from Del Mar Heights, Ocean Air,  Carmel Del Mar and other Del Mar Union School District Schools.  The goal is to educate voters and answer any questions they may have in person. 

Absentee ballots have been mailed and this is an ideal time to get out there and talk to our neighbors and get the full support of Del Mar.  We are told the more the merrier so feel free to bring a friend. Even if you are unable to dedicate the time on Thursday to walk, you can still stop by and get a list and flyers and head out at any time!

If you aren't able to canvas in person, we still need volunteers to assist with phone banking.  Ms. Lerner could definitely use some back-up as she continues to ring an actual red bell marking another Yes vote in support of MM.   

The Del Mar Hills Academy phone banking sessions are scheduled for the following dates:  October 4th, 9th, 17th, 22nd and November 1st.  

You are given a script, prepped for the first 15 minutes to see if you have any questions and then provided with a short list of voters to contact.  There is wine, candy, and other snacks provided.  Volunteers have had their children with them and all got to witness the power of grass roots organization.  There is definitely a buzz in the air!  

Each sign-up session is for 90 minutes from 4:00 pm- 7:30 pm.  To sign-up visit: