Jogathon is here!
Mon, Jan 24 6:03am

Jogathon will be held on Thursday February 10th and Friday the 11th.  Coach G has created a fun and engaging day for the students. Look in your student’s school bag at the beginning of this week for the jogathon flyer and a sticker.


The fundraising portion of jogathon starts today. Click HERE to register your student(s) on Pledgestar. It only takes a few minutes to set up your student’s page. Start sending out emails to your friends and family asking to support your student and the Del Mar Hills STEAM+ program. For returning families, you can use the option to upload your friends and family emails from last year. All proceeds raised provides funding for our amazing STEAM+ specialists, who inspire, nurture and engage our students.


Students who raise at least $400 will get a color changing water bottle and be entered into an opportunity drawing for fun local gift cards. Check out Pledgestar for more information on all prizes. All prizes are based on cumulative donations for 2021-2022.