Jogathon winners (1st drawing)
Mon, Feb 27 9:54am

Welcome back everyone!

Congratulations to the winners of the first drawing (below)!  Please stop by the office starting today after school to pick up your student's prize.  Principal Sleet will announce the class prize winners this week!  Thank you all for supporting your STEAM+ teachers.


Elies Cardenas:  The Artist Lab San Diego -$65

Isabella Z Barreiro:  Shake Shack- $25

Savannah Phuong:  Jamba Juice- $10

Jackson Studer:  Seabreeze Craft Chocolates- $10

Yoonsuh Park:  Sidecar Donuts- $5

Luke Krauss:  Handels- $5

Evelyn Davidson:  Batch Box- $5

Diego Alfaro: Starbucks- $5

Austin Dorsey:  Einsteins- $5

Isla Khairolomour:  Sidecar Donuts- free donut

Cooper Pettus:  Seabreeze Craft Chocolates- $10

Nicolas Cardenas:  The Artist Lab San Diego -$65

Mia Sadiarin:  Assistant Art teacher

Piper Armstrong:  Assistant PE teacher