Jogathon: Final winners and thank you!
Fri, Mar 10 6:08pm

Thank you to all of our families that supported DMSEF and STEAM+ by donating during Jogathon.  Thanks to you, our school has reached its goal ($105,250) for the year!  The remaining winners from the Jogathon fundraiser were announced at school this week by Principal Sleet and are set forth below.  Please stop by the front office to pick up your gift cards.

2nd drawing for those contributing at the $400 level:

Oliver Farias:  Batch Box- $5
Grayson Tapalaga:  Einsteins- $5
Felix Meili:  Handels- Free ice cream
Emery Laidlaw:  Handels- Free ice cream 
Amelia Austin:  Jamba- $10
Mateo Maloof:  Seabreeze Craft Chocolates- $10
Cara Sjostrand:  Sidecar Donuts- $5
Liam Kopko:  Sidecar Donuts- $5
Yoonho Park:  Starbucks- $5
Yuli Gold:  Starbucks- $5
Poppy Mesick:  The Artist Lab San Diego -$65
Suren Bhatia:  School experience
Ethan Moses:  School experience 

Drawing for those contributing at the $800 level:

Gift Cards:
Lucia Isackson:  Amazon $50
Celeste Shah:  Cinepolis $40
Kadin Luepton:  Diesel Bookstore-$25
Mia Studer:  Fleet Feet
Naomi Altman:  Target $50

Lara Landsberger:  Hike with STEAM+ teachers
Aili Lawson:  Hike
Wyatt Zisook:  Hike
Ella Bryson:  Hike
Grant Kirk:  Hike
Axel Robertson:  Hike
Paige Zaw:  Hike
Daniela Martin:  Hike
Kai Harasha:  Hike
Jack Caceres:  Garage Band
Mason Baez:  Principal for the Day 
Jason Battenfield:  Padres with Principal Sleet

Top 3 students with the most emails sent and earning Handel's or Geppetto's GC:

Waylon Jackson
Calvin Marinkovich
George Hitraya-Low 

Top two fundraising classes earning a pizza party: 
Loza and Singer
Class with the most average laps/student earning extra recess: