Join a Classroom - Konstella Cheat Sheet for Parents
Sun, Sep 2 8:27pm
Del Mar Hills Academy

Dear Del Mar Hills Parents, 

The school year is off to a great start!  We'd like to make sure you are receiving all notifications related to your child's classroom.  Please find a Konstella Cheat Sheet below with directions on how to do so and other navigation tips.

Any questions, please reach out to Jenny at


Join a Room

Place your child in his/her classroom so that you are kept in the classroom communication loop.

Web:  Click your name in the top left corner.  Click "Your Children" to add/modify your children. Select "Join Classroom".

Mobile App:  Click the Settings icon in the top left corner.  Click "Your Children".  Select "Join Classroom".

Join a Committee

Web: Click the green "Committees" link on the left-hand menu to browse the committees. Click on a committee and sign up or remove yourself.

Mobile App: Click the "Directory" tab at the bottom.  Click "Browse Committees” to browse and sign up for the committees.

Send a Message to a Group

Web: The left-hand menu shows all the groups you are in.  Click the group, type in the text area to post a message.  Or, click the + sign right next to “Private Messages” to create a new group.

Mobile App: The "Messages" tab at the bottom shows all the groups you are in. Click any group to send messages.   Or, click the + sign at the top right corner to create a new private group.

Send a Message to an Individual or Individuals

Web: Click the "+" sign right next to the "Messages" label on the left-hand menu.

Mobile App: On the “Messages” tab, click the "+" at the top right corner.  Choose "Send a Private Message".

Summary of the Mobile App Navigation

School Tab: Shows the announcements, events, and sign-ups in your school and classrooms.

Messages Tab: Shows the groups you are in and the messages in the groups.

Directory Tab: Allows you to look up parents, browse committees (iPhone), and Social Groups.

Settings Icon in the top left corner: for account settings.