Mark Your Calendar -- Wednesday, October 10th is Walk-to-School-Day!
Mon, Oct 1 7:40pm
Del Mar Hills Academy

Get ready to walk, bike, or roll your way to school on International Walk to School Day! The goal is to help teach our children safe walking and biking skills, reduce traffic and air pollution near our school, and help them get much needed physical activity. Come and join the millions, yes millions, of children from countries around the world participate in an event to raise both community and global awareness about walking safety and the promotion of healthy behavior.

** All walkers will be greeted at the Hills with juice, stickers, and lots of school spirit!! **

Let’s walk TOGETHER!  Connect with your neighbors at any of the following meeting areas:

  • Area 1: Mango Drive, south of Del Mar Heights Rd. – meet in front of DM Hills Nursery at 7:30 am, depart 7:35 am.  Leader:  Yasemin Roseni (
  • Area 2: Cordero and Recuerdo, south of Del Mar Heights Rd. – meet at northwest intersection at 7:30 am, depart 7:35 am.  Leader:  Becky Ferdman (
  • Area 3: Mango Drive, north of school – meet at the intersection of Mango and Vantage at 7:40 am, depart 7:45 am.  Leader:  Kelly Mizrahi (
  • Area 4: Boquita and Lozana – meet at 7:40 am, depart 7:45 am.  Leader:  Josh Vincent (
  • Area 5: Intersection of La Amatista & Crest – meet at 7:30 am, depart 7:35 am.  Leaders:  Sara Johnson ( and Sonya Williams (

 Spread school spirit by wearing your SurfRider spirit wear!

 If you don’t live within walking distance to school, you can park and join any of the area groups above!  You can also park at the Vons shopping center and walk from there.  You’ll still qualify for juice and stickers!!

For more information, please refer to the attached Event Details and Meeting Areas documents.