Meet Ms. Swanberg, The Hills STEAM+ Science Specialist!
Thu, Sep 15 7:28pm

Our STEAM + Science Specialists collaborate closely with classroom teachers to inspire students to be curious scientists and analytical engineers who think critically, strive to make sense of their world, and design solutions to relevant real-world problems.  Through the use of online simulations and hands-on lab investigations aligned with the Amplify Science curriculum, students explore engaging phenomena and learn the California Next Generation Science Standards.

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About Ms. Swanberg:


  • DMUSD Science teacher for 18 years.
  • Holds an M.S. in Natural Resources, Remote Sensing
  • Was a research scientist and Principal Investigator for NASA!
  • 2018 Exemplary STEM Teacher
  • 2007-2008 Site Teacher of the Year and 2009-2010 District Math Teacher of the Year
  • Hopes to inspire her students through inquiry and discovery so they may develop their own passion for science

Thank you to Ms. Swanberg!