Save the date: Thursday Feb 17 at 6 pm ~ Nature Unplugged Presents: Family Wellness in the Digital Age
Mon, Feb 14 5:43pm
Please join us this Thursday, February 17 at 6pm in the PAC for an exciting parent education session presented by Nature Unplugged.  
Founded in 2012 with the mission of inspiring wellness in the digital age. A critical piece to finding balance and wellness today is an understanding of what the digital age is and how the attention economy (the immense pull of social media and smart technology in our lives) works. Through our years of fieldwork, research and personal journeys, our team has developed a unique curriculum to help individuals, families, educators and organizations break free from the clutches of technology overuse, reconnect with nature and engage with life and work in a whole new way.
We are passionate about offering parent education presentations to provide tools, resources and information to help folks navigate our noisy digital world as individuals, families and  a community. Our parent ed presentations touch on the key concepts from our book, Experience Nature Unplugged: A Guide to Wellness in the Digital Age, including:
  • The challenges of living in the digital age and why we’re so obsessed with our devices

  • The research on how technology use impacts our brains and bodies

  • How to regain control of the technology and media in our lives by setting healthy boundaries and identifying meaningful replacement activities

  • How to use time in nature as a counterbalance to the impact of increased screen time 

  • An introduction to the research around nature doses and the benefits of time in nature

  • How to reconnect to your (individual and family) core values in order to live more intentionally and balanced in the digital age

The PTA General Association Meeting will take place prior to the presentation and the nominating committee for next year's PTA slate will be voted on.  


Please mark the date for this exciting night!