SciFri Friday at Del Mar Heights this Friday
Tue, Oct 8 5:18pm

Del Mar Heights Elementary School has invited our Hills families to attend their Science night THIS FRIDAY the 11th!  Please read the information below if you are interested in attending.



We can accommodate up to 50 additional attendees at our upcoming SciFri event and would like to invite Del Mar Hills Families to join!  All students must be accompanied by an adult.  Please see details below.  

SciFri: The Science of Bioarchaeology & Forensic Anthropology

Date: Friday, October 11th

Time: 6:30 pm - 7:15 pm 

Location: Del Mar Heights MUR



Babies are born with 300 bones.  But what happens after that?


According to Sydney Garcia, Senior Educator and bioarchaeologist at the San Diego Museum of Man, we can learn a lot about ourselves just by looking at our bones.  In addition to learning someone's age and biological sex, we can also learn about their everyday life and the challenges they may have faced.

 Join us for our second SciFri of the year to learn more about the fascinating fields of bioarchaeology, forensic anthropology and archaeology!  Sydney and her colleague will share their research and replicas and educate students on how science can help us better understand past civilizations.  


Click here to sign up and contact Kerry Zisook at if you have any questions.