Sat, Feb 12 7:27am

We made our JOGATHON and our YEARLY  goal for DMESF!  This is a HUGE accomplishment! The best part was how much fun the kids had.


We will have final numbers when we get back from break but as of now you raised about $45,000 during Jogathon. Please give a big thank you to your family and friends from us. To recognize participation, we started passing out water  bottles last week to students who had sent 5 or more emails. More will be coming.  We will announce the winners of the next opportunity drawing when we get back from break, along with which classes win either a class party, new recess equipment, or an extra recess. Let's not forget the biggest reward, the whole school gets to experience Mrs. Sleet's  dancing skills. 


Thank you again for your support of DMSEF and our STEAM+ program at school. We couldn't do this with out you. 


Becky and Heather

DMSEF directors for Del Mar Hills Academy