Way to go!
Mon, Jan 31 7:38pm

We have raised just over $10,000 so far. This is amazing! We are also at 20% participation. When we reach our goal of $42,000 for Jogathon, Principal Sleet and guests will wow the students with a special dance. Also, when a class raises at least $3,000 during Jogathon, the class will receive new PE equipment selected just for them by Coach G. Will that be your class?


All students who have donated/raised at least $400 during this school year will be receiving their water bottle during an assembly this Thursday. We will then continue to pass out the water bottles as students become eligible.  


Not only is Jogathon fun for the students, but it provides much needed funding for our STEAM+ program. Click HERE to register in Pledgestar, and start fundraising today. You can also donate the recommended yearly amount of $800 or any amount that works for you family. You can make your yearly donation via Pledgestar as well. Thank you for all of your support so far! 


 We got this, Surfriders!