You Don’t Need A Night Off? As If!
Sat, Oct 28 4:10pm

Buckle-in parents, because Busy Kid Season has officially begun.

Let’s face it, Halloween lasts 10 days now, the kids are out of school for Veterans Day, there’s a week of half-days for teacher conferences, then school is closed the entire week around thanksgiving!  Hanukkah kicks off Dec 7th, and according to the decorations section at Home Depot, Christmas started like 3 weeks ago.  And we haven’t even mentioned after school activities!


So treat yourself to great food and friends at HillsFest, the annual PTA night out just for parents.  We’ll be relaxing at Viewpoint Brewing (2201 San Dieguito Dr, Del Mar) Sat, 11/4 starting at 5:00.  The theme this year is “1993” so dig out your scrunchies or your Rugrats t-shirt and don’t forget the Reeboks!

And we have some great auction items, like a one-of-a-kind, student-decorated Yeti cooler and spots in parent-sponsored events called Socials.  Plus some amazing staff-led events you can bid on for your SurfRider, like Principal of the Day, Mr. Jose’s Helper, or Sundaes with the 5th Grade Teachers.  We’re also going to “Raise The Paddle” and collect donations for music supplies, like new hanging microphones for the PAC.

You don’t have to bid or donate to attend HillsFest.  But you do need a ticket, so click here to start planning your much-deserved night off.  We hope to see you next Saturday night at Viewpoint!