Everyone a Reader reading tutor program (ongoing)

Our "Everyone A Reader" is a volunteer reading tutor program that relies upon Del Mar
Hills parent volunteers to offer special assistance in reading to some
children who are in need of extra practice. Everyone A Reader helps
children in grades 1-3 during their normal school day. The children
individually read for about 15-20 minutes with the tutor, Monday through
Friday, either morning or afternoon,depending on the classroom schedule.
The students read at their own instructional level while the tutor listens
and assists the child with learning new reading strategies. This extra
practice with one-on-one attention is documented to assess the children¹s
progress and provide feedback to the teachers. All tutors receive training
on how to help students with skills and strategies! The students love the
extra one-on-one time and the tutors love making a difference in the
children's lives. Our goal is to build confidence and instill a love of

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