PTO 20-21 (Updated)
Wed, May 20 10:01am

We hope you and your families are doing well in spite of all that is going on. We are definitely saddened by not being able to finish out the year doing the much loved activities like Boys Night Out, Field Day, Field trips, etc. Hopefully next school year will bring all these special events and much more. With that being said, we were not able to have the annual PTO elections at the final PTO meeting of the year which was to be held at the beginning of May. I have talked to all the executive committee members and we are all willing to stay on board for the upcoming school year. Below you will find the list of executive board members for the 2020-2021 school year. 


President: Heather Kirkland

Treasurer: Kendra Tyson

Secretary: Natalie Einsig

VP of Fundraising: Julie Flook & Jess Hellmold

VP of School Enrichment: Jess Hellmold

VP of Family Events (Community Building): Vacant - (Responsibilities include overseeing all family events : Breakfast on the Playground, Girls Night Out, Boys Night Out, and any other whole school event the PTO may put on. All providing of course, we are allowed to continue with these events for the upcoming school year. Each individual event has a chairperson. The VP would oversee them with questions, help planning, day of event help, etc.) 


If anyone has any other nominations for these positions, please let us know by Tuesday,  May 26, 2020 so we can hold a vote, otherwise this will be the board for next school year.  


We look forward to working with the kids, teachers, and staff of DES.  Stay safe, healthy and have a fabulous summer!