Teacher Appreciation
Fri, May 1 3:44pm

This coming week is Teacher Appreciation Week.  As we would normally throw a luncheon and shower them with small gifts/cards, we are unable to do this at this time,  yet they still  have been working endlessly to make sure our kiddos are learning as much as possible.  With all that is going on, we had to be creative! Here is where you come in! In order to celebrate and show our appreciation,  Sally Young is making a video for them and needs your help! Would you be willing to have your child/children make a sign with: 


Thank you .... or

We Appreciate You .... or 

We Miss You....or 

Anything else to show our admiration!


Then take a picture of them holding the sign and send the picture to sallymander21@yahoo.com   


She will then put these pictures to a song and make a video. The video will then be shared with the DES teachers & staff  and possibly be shared on social media. With sending a photo, you are giving permission to the video being on social media. 


If you would like to be a part of this, please email Sally by Noon on Sunday 5/3.


Thank you,

Sally & the DES PTO