Cookie/Pie Fundraiser
Wed, Sep 22 4:04pm
Duffy Community-
For the 4th year, Duffy will be having a Lyman Orchard Pie Fundraiser.  This fundraiser will run from October 5th - October 19th.  Order pickup will be on November 17th from 1:30 3:00 pm - mark you calendar.   Last year this fundraiser was a HUGE success - we were able to make a profit over $2300 from our sales.
This year ALL ordering will happen on-line, NO paper form will be sent home.  Please follow the link and directions below to set up your personal page, place your order as well as send out to friends and family.   
Participant to do:
Click here to begin the following steps: 
  1. Open email invite
  2. Click the link and login to your personal dashboard. You will need to create a password. Your email will be your user ID
  3. Invite buyers to purchase. Click the invite buyers link on the left hand side of the screen. See the 3 options.
a. Option 1 text the link to and then retext all the people you would like to invite to purchase.
b. Option 2 Copy and paste all your contact email and cell number into the box. This will send them an invite to purchase from your store.
c. Option 3 copy the link and email/text it to your friend and family. This link can also go on your social media sites. It will bring them directly to your store to purchase.
I hope this helps with setting up the fundraiser. Click here to see our videos tutorials.
Send questions to Val Bischof & Molly Towne