Thu, Jan 17 6:30pm-8:00pm
Duffy Elementary School-Library/Media Center

Please JOIN US/Everyone is welcome


  • WHO: All Duffy Parents/Caregivers and Teachers are welcome to attend. FREE Childcare will be provided by one of our beloved Cafeteria Staff members, Mrs. Giannantonio.  You are welcome to join us for the whole or partial meeting as your schedule allows.
  • WHAT: General PTO Meeting-updates on pto pulse survey, important vote on allocation of surplus funding for school requested proposal of diverse books and book room for small group leveled reading, start of nominations for 2019/20 board positions, budget update. Formal agenda to follow.
  • WHERE: Duffy School Library
  • WHEN: Thursday Jan. 17th 6:30-8pm


  • Co- Presidents’ Welcome: 6:30-6:45
    • PTO General welcome
    • Recap of current climate survey results & additional comments
    • How to share additional comments with feedback to Duffy Community
    • Overview available PTO positions for 2019-2020 school year
    • Brief discussion of nominating process
    • Overview of current proposal for Diverse books
  • Principal’s Update: 6:45- 7:05
    • Overview of proposal for Diverse Book request
    • Background history of why, last time these were refreshed, current need for Duffy and outcome
  • Volunteer Update 7:05- 7:15
    • Committee Chair needed for Spring Farmers Market
    • Proposal of volunteer section for Konstella
    • Upcoming EDI - Celebrate Duffy
    • Family Night updates
  • Communications Update: 7:15-7:25
    • Information on how to communicate on PTO facebook
    • E-blasts and the elimination of attachments
  • Fundraising Update: 7:25-7:30
  • Fund-it Update 7:30-7:40
    • Credit card status for FundIt Program
    • Scrip (proposed new way of ordering gift cards) under review
  • Corresponding Secretary Update: 7:40-7:45
    • Summary of holiday gifts given this season to staff
  • Treasurers Update: 7:45-8:00
    • Projected PTO Budget update
    • Budget Vote on proposed Duffy Diverse Book request