Duffy Garden Summer Care
Weekly on and Mondays from Jun 20, 2021 to Aug 28, 2021
Duffy Elementary School
1 day before

The Duffy Garden Needs Your HELP!


If you have not yet checked it out, the Duffy Garden is GROWING! We've got zucchini, corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, pumpkins, gourds, grapes, lettuces, strawberries, tons of perennials and some pollinator favorites, a wall of baby sunflowers which will hopefully look amazing in August, and a lot more that continues to happen.  Many of these were planted by YOUR KIDS this year! But we have tons of weeds, and it starts to look crazy, quickly. 


PLEASE sign up to take on a week of watering, weeding, and harvesting. The weeds are generally very obvious. There will be lots of things to take home and try, and the gardens- particularly the raised beds- will need some watering. We've also adopted the area along the kindergarten hallway where the kindness rocks are, which will need attention as well.


When you sign up for a week, it is your responsibility to come just once or twice that week, not everyday. Your kids can come play on the playground while you help out! And new this year we have our own big green garden waste barrels, so the weeds you pull have a home, no yard bags needed. If anything looks ready to harvest or the Black Eyed Susans are growing like crazy, grab a bunch to take home. Don't be afraid you'll mess it up, it is a work in progress


Thanks so much for caring about keeping the Duffy Garden beautiful and thriving. If everyone does a little bit, the work is easy and fun! If you have any questions, you can feel free to send a message to me or Marcia. 


Have a wonderful summer!


Faydra Siegrist and Marcia Lawlor, Garden Co-Chairs