General PTO Meeting Agenda and Updates
Wed, Oct 17 10:26pm
Duffy Elementary School

Hello Duffy Parents and Caregivers

We are looking forward to our first general PTO meeting of the school year! Our goal is to include all Duffy parents in the process of supporting Duffy School and our Duffy Community. 

  • Meeting is at 7PM in Duffy Library Thursday 10/18/18
  • Agenda for Meeting is attached
  • Proposed Budget is attached( please review and bring your questions and suggestions)Our budget is written based on conservative projections on income and revenue and may be revised as needed. 
  • We are attempting to establish a CALL IN Conference call #. Please LMK by responding to this announcement if this is an option you would be interested in. We will update the group tomorrow.
  • Child Care WILL be available. PLEASE RESPOND to this announcement if you will utilize childcare( and # of kids) during the meeting so we can plan support. Also, please provide your children with games, books, homework or activities for the meeting time.