Illuminate West Hartford and Yard Goats Update
Fri, Apr 29 2:16pm

Illuminate West Hartford

Your child will be coming home today with a luminary kit as part of a multi-school initiative, Illuminate West Hartford. Over the next few days, have a family conversation on what it means to be an ally, advocate, anti-racist, anti-biased, inclusive, just and equitable. Talk about  what each family member of any age can do to take action. If your child or family has experienced racism, discrimination, or prejudice, discuss how they/you feel and how you/they want to be made to feel safe and included by others. We have put together resources for all family members and conversation prompts/tips to support your discussions.


At 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, May 4th, place your lit luminary where it is visible to the outside (you can decorate it to make it your own!). Share a picture on Facebook with what your family has gained through learning and/or what actions you will be taking. Tag us @WestHartfordParentEDI. We look forward to seeing West Hartford illuminated, knowing that behind each door with a luminary is a family making a commitment to ongoing learning and action!


Whether you want to help or want to learn or both, don't hesitate to reach out to one of our co-chairs, Tracy Wu FastenbergThao Hau or  join the Committee via Konstella.


Yard Goat Ticket Update

There was a delay in Yard Goat ticket delivery, so for families that ordered tickets, you will receive them early next week. Please email Lisa Scoma with any questions.