Important! Please read information for the 2018/2019 school year.
Thu, Mar 1 10:39pm
Duffy Elementary School

The Nominating committee is a small committee of board and non-board Duffy school members developed by the Vice President. This is a diverse committee that identifies potential nominees for the open board positions within the PTO. While the nominating committee recruites nominees for positions, they strongly encourage any interested Duffy guardians to self-nominate if they're interested in any available position. The Nominating Committee shall nominate at least one eligible person for each office to be filled. A written notice of the proposed slates of officers shall be made available to the membership at least thirty days before the May/June meeting. The final slate gets voted in during the final PTO meeting at the end of the current school year (May/June).

Below are the available PTO board member positions for 2018-2019 School Year:

Vice President: (1 position available)
The Vice President shall act as aide to the President.
perform the duties of the President in that person’s absence
be responsible for speakers for the PTO general meetings and notifying membership of said meetings
be in charge of forming a Bylaws Revision Committee in the event that it becomes necessary
chairperson of the Nominating Committee and responsible for forming the Nominating committee
The individual serving as First Vice President for any given year shall ordinarily be expected to be placed in nomination as President for the following year.

Communication Chair: (2 spots/ 2 available)
The Communications Chairperson(s) shall be responsible for:
updating and maintaining the PTO calendar and the PTO website with all pertinent PTO information and announcements
be responsible to utilize Konstella for weekly communications as well as additional pertinent communications as needed.
Update Konstella calendar with pto events and additional pertinent eventsdesignated by the members of the Executive Board
distribute any information that conflicts with the objectives of this organization as outlined in this document at Article 2, Section 1.

Fundraising Chair: ( 2 spots/ 1 position available)
The Fundraising Chairperson(s) shall be responsible for:
develop fundraising activities, events or programs for the PTO with the input and assistance from the Executive Board or suggestions from the membership or school administration
be the chairperson of all fundraising activities, events or programs and shall call for volunteer assistance from the membership as necessary.

Recording Secretary: (1 position available)
The Recording Secretary shall:
record, maintain and make available the minutes of all meetings of this organization and of the Executive Board
shall perform other duties as may be delegated to him or her
will circulate a draft version of all board meeting minutes for approval.
Upon approval of each month’s meeting minutes, the Recording Secretary shall post all current board meeting minutes on the PTO website.

Volunteer Chair: (2 spots/ 1 position available)
The Volunteer Chairperson(s) shall be responsible for:
sending out a volunteer request form to all parents each spring that will accurately describe the volunteer opportunities available on each Standing Committee and Chairperson position thereto
will work with the Executive Board to determine chairpersons for each standing committee
shall notify each selected chairperson to the Standing Committee of the individuals who have volunteered for their committee, the budget set for their committee and any additional information regarding their committee’s duties
shall contact the Standing Committee Chairpersons prior to their events, activities or programs to ensure they have proper support for their responsibility
should collect a summary report from each Standing Committee chairperson of their event, activity or program upon its completion so that a record of what has been done in previous years may be kept
should act as a resource for all volunteers.

Corresponding Secretary: ( 1 position available)
The Corresponding Secretary shall:
carry on the correspondence of the organization as delegated to her or him and any other such duties as delegated by the President of the Executive Board
maintains all membership records including all pertinent member information included on the PTO dues envelopes
will also purchase and distribute gifts for the school staff during the holiday season and on the appropriate administrative and health staff appreciation holidays.

Our children are our biggest asset and it takes a village to set them on the right path.

We are excited to see some new faces and welcome anyone who may be interested in any of these opens to express their interest.
You can contact me Karyn Turner via email or call 860-751-9530 if you have any questions or interest in the above openings.

We are very excited to work with you and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Karyn Turner and the Duffy PTO Nominating Committee